Our Investment Strategy

VersoVentures focuses on creating value from non-core activities by finding cases that could be successful as stand-alone companies and spinning these off from the current owner.

We invest in businesses that have a globally scalable business opportunity and an existing customer base generating annual revenue between 1-30 Million Euros. The investment targets typically reside within Europe. 

Companies continuously fine-tune their business portfolio and businesses that do not fit their strategy well enough are screened out of the portfolio.

Larger non-core businesses can be sold to external buyers, but many cases are too small for corporate M&A processes, have carve-out complications, or are too early stage for the M&A market. These activities are shut down or slowly fade away due to lack of budget – this destroys value.


Our investment strategy

The VersoVentures team has special competence and expertise in the spin-off process and related new company creation and growth due to the team’s long and successful track record in the corporate M&A, Venture Capital and operative business management.